Throughline Productions started in 1992 by Chuck Davis, M.D. After the success of his first two films, the award-winning PBS documentaries Cambodian Doughnut Dreams (1990) and Second Chances (1991), Dr Davis, with the help of a small group of talented editors and cinematographers in Boulder, Colorado, began an independent film company dedicated to making documentary films that matter.

Throughline has since produced 6 more films with subjects ranging from the plight of Hispanic ranchers in southern Colorado (Kosher Valley) to the anatomy of a spiritual search (Raising the Sparks) and the inspirational journey found in the Jewish Holiday Cycle (Seasons of the Soul). Throughline films have been screened at universities and film festivals in the US and Canada. They have been aired on over 16 PBS stations and continue to be scheduled on stations throughout the US.

In the fall of 2006 Chuck finished Transforming Energy—already used by High Schools and Universities around the country—the film thoughtfully unpacks the challenges and hope of renewable energy to solve the problems of global warming and the end of oil.

In 2010 Throughline Productions finished The Nature of Cities which follows the journey of Professor Timothy Beatly as he explores urban projects around the world representing the new green movement that hopes to move beyond our urban environments to a regenerative way of living.

Documentaries that educate, move and motivate...from the heart.
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