Cambodian Doughnut Dreams

Cambodians in America: Pol Pot and the American Dream

Cambodian Doughnut Dreams focuses on three Cambodians who, 10 years after escaping the killing fields, work in Los Angeles doughnut shops—80% of which are owned or operated by Cambodians—remaking their lives in this particularly American line of work.

A widowed mother of two teenaged sons, a former resistance fighter, and a medical student trying to fulfill her dead father's dream, each must take an experience of the holocaust and reconcile it with arduous but hopeful new lives as Americans. They describe the horrors of Pol Pot but more important now are daily business struggles and the challenges of adapting to American middle class values. Although the ghost of the Khmer Rouge lingers, one's immediate aim is to buy a luxury car.

"This is a film not only about the Cambodian American experience and dream but about the American Dream itself."
-Mark Harris, Chairman USC Film School(CN-TV)

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