Kosher Valley

Kosher Slaughter Co-Ops and Cattle Ranchers in the Colorado High Desert

What do you get when you cross a rabbi, a Mormon, and a group of cattle ranchers? KOSHER VALLEY, a contemporary parable about the American Dream. This documentary video depicts the unlikely business relationship between a community of Southern Colorado ranchers and a rabbi from Baltimore. Bonded by beef, the ranchers and the rabbi hire a slick Mormon business manager to help launch a kosher slaughterhouse and co-op.

Initially this arrangement appears to be a match made in heaven - but major problems soon arise and director Chuck Davis' unobtrusive camera captures the dramatic real-life scenarios as they rapidly unravel. Examining everything from American economics to kosher philosophy, KOSHER VALLEY is an unusually funny and universally relevant commentary on the possibilities of partnership.

A video not only about Kosher Slaughter but also about the deep meaning of Kosher Laws as seen from the outside.

"A wonderful, heart-felt look at the coming together of very different cultures. Kosher Valley does what documentaries do best - inspiring us with an inside view of American subcultures that few of us know about."
&emdash;Donna Sanford, Channel 6 PBS

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