Raising the Sparks

A Spiritual Search for a Home in Judaism

This 60 minute video by Chuck Davis explores his own decision to return to the religion of his birth. After twenty years of Buddhist practice and the birth of his first son, Chuck Davis found himself with many questions about spirituality in midlife. He set out to discover a true spiritual path in his Jewish roots, one that he hoped he could authentically ask his sons to take on. In Raising the Sparks we follow not only his exploration of the Jewish renewal movement, but of spirituality as a whole.

An important video for those in the midst of their Jewish Spiritual Search.

Raising the Sparks, featuring many intimate conversations with Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, is one of those few videos that really looks at the Jewish Spiritual Path - honestly and with deep wisdom.

"A spiritual journey of the Heart."
—Jack Kornfield, Western Buddhist master and author.

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