Second Chances

Foster Parents, Foster Families and the Nature of Compassion

Second Chances, used extensively as a foster parent training video, looks at the importance of the loving care that foster families give to their foster children. This inspiring and heart-opening video is the story of two of these families. Each is making a difference in the lives of children who are the unwanted and unadoptable victims of poverty, neglect, abuse and drug use that have become epidemic in our society. Second Chances deals with many of the significant issues involved in foster care, including the jealousy of a family's natural children toward their foster siblings, cross cultural foster families, HIV positive children in the home, attachment issues, and what being a foster parent really means. Second Chances will open up channels for discussion among those considering foster parenting and foster care.

"I highly recommend Second Chances to any agency responsible for addressing foster care .Second Chances aptly shows the challenges facing foster homes to both care for today's foster children with serious emotion and medical needs and to work within today's complex legal and social structure."
—Mona Schatz, Ph.D, Director, Fostering Families, Colorado State University

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