Seasons of the Soul

The Jewish Holiday Cycle explained in depth

Through deep and unique teachings from masters Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Dr. Michael Kagan, Seasons of the Soul explains the wonderful interrelationship between the Jewish holiday cycle, the cycles of nature and the psychological and spiritual cycles of the human soul. A rare collection of warm and authentic personal interviews, interspersed with vibrant Jewish songs and vivid images of nature, "Seasons of the Soul" brings out the magic and deep meaning of Judaism in a universal light that enriches any soul it touches.

Reb Zalman and Dr. Michael Kagan, each in their own way, take us back to Judaism's earth centered origin in the most moving and illuminating way. Season's of the Soul is a video which one will watch over and over for its wisdom about the important Jewish celebrations. A must video for those interested in the organic wholeness of the Jewish Holiday Cycle.

"Guided by the wisdom and creative insight of Reb Zalman and Michael Kagan, Seasons of the Soul is a soft and gentle introduction to the deepest riches of the Jewish holy cycle. This video deserves a home in every Jewish library, personal and institutional."
—Rabbi Rami Shapiro

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